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    The Brand Identity and Purpose Game

    A game that clarifies brand positioning, using classical principles of personality mapping, archetypes and storytelling. Connect all key elements of a brand (insights, assets, benefits, personality, purpose) to create a comprehensive playbook that enables consistent management of all your brand activities.


    Playing this game will enable you to:

    • Identify your brand’s archetypal ethos and motives, its values and emotions, and its risks and traps.
    • Determine what character from “_____” your brand is most like. (insert your favourite story) 
    • Understand how an archetype should influence the way your brand looks, feels, talks and acts.
    • Create your brand’s world – archetype associated music and affiliations. Learn from similar archetype brands in other categories.
    • Clarify how your brand should differentiate vs competitors

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    The Brand Portfolio Management Game

    This game uses the world of fine fragrances as a creative case study (although we can tailor it to any category of your choice). It engages people with different approaches to managing a range of brands, sub-brands & variants. Enjoy a fun and fragranced exploration into portfolio management options - who appears more consistent and who looks more random?


    This game will enable you to:

    • Clarify your brand portfolio strategy.
    • Articulate key principles for your brand range architecture.
    • Determine relevant similarities or differences between your brands in different countries
    • Determine the role that each brand should play, and how far they can stretch into alternative territories.


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    The Purpose

    REVEL-ation Game

    This game involves activities that enlighten people about their dominant values & styles in life & work. It is built using the Enneagram model, a structure of nine interconnected personality types, each with distinctive motives, values, fears & traps. All people have a dominant type, but also draw upon the behaviours of other types according to their situation.


    Playing this game will give you clearer insights into your intrinsic “personality armour” and that of the people in your team. Learn how the “voices in your head” might influence strategies you use to get things done. And how you might leverage them to establish a stronger connection between personal identity, purpose & work.


    We can draw from our extensive play-box, to structure any programme to fit your specific needs

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    Creativity Games

    For more innovative solutions to problems

    Normal brainstorming is boring, repetitive and has been proven to be ineffective. We use more engaging approaches and stimuli that apply improvisation techniques, lateral-thinking games and Lego Serious Play.

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    Induction Games

    To engage new joiners and new teams more quickly

    We create bespoke games & quizzes for your market & category needs, and your corporate & geographical culture. Any change in personnel is a great opportunity to audit and improve team dynamics.

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    Judgement Games

    To improve quality and speed of decision making

    Practice sessions for marketing judgement (investment choices, advertising development, project management & negotiations). So when it really matters, people already know their risk profile, and understand key decision criteria.

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